while supplies


Paper is purchased by the DeKalb BOE in bulk each year

from the “winning bidder”. 


Paper CANNOT be purchased from any other company. 


ALL requests for paper (PO preferred)

must first go through Becky Monroe (Central Office)

and will be delivered to your school unless notification is received from Carol Hiett (Facilities Bldg.) 


Do NOT go to the facilities building to pick up paper without written permission. 

Copier Paper


Teacher Materials

(AKA: Student Materials, Funds in lieu of fees, teacher allocation, etc.)


This is the amount each teacher has to spend during the current school year. 

These funds will be available October 1, 2019. 

 Teachers are encouraged to spend this allocation by Spring Break

and NOT to wait until the end of the school year. 


Teachers whose salaries are not State funded

(Federal, Local, Idea-B, etc.)

will receive matching Teacher Materials funds

from the Fund Source paying their salary. 

These teachers will submit their POs the same as the

State paid funds unless they are

Idea-B  (PO's should go to Leslie Sisk at the Annex)


Pre-K (POs should go to Mary Crosby). 

Your bookkeeper’s spreadsheet will show those teachers in the “Other” section.


Source of Funds




It is


to secure an approved purchase order before obligating the

DeKalb County

Board of Education

for any debt for

products, services, etc.


NOTICE:  Purchases or services that are invoiced before an approved purchase order will NOT be the responsibility of the DeKalb County Board of Education.  These payments will be required from the individual/school that initiated the purchase/service.

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