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Open Enrollment for Insurance

Time to make any changes, additions, revisions to your insurance choices - outside of a qualifying life event, changes can be made during this time only.

Online changes can take place until September 10th.

Sick Bank



Not a member?  You can join during the first two weeks of the semester.

Do not wish to continue your membership?  You can withdraw during this time too.

July 1 thru August 31
August 3 thru August 14
Completed forms must be returned to the payroll department by August 10 for update to be effective.

Benefit and

Premium Changes



January 4  thru January 15
Completed forms must be returned to the payroll department by January 17 for update to be effective.

FY2020  State Funds   

State certified teachers will receive their instructional funds

in October, 2019 for the fiscal year 2020 -


Student Materials funds for FY2020. 



Links and forms for
Open Enrollment